Canterwood Labradors was established with the intent of producing a "breed line" that allows the Labrador to attain its full potential in:

     -physical health and breed standards


     -devotion to humans or task

     -athleticism and stamina

     -calm, steady temperament

     -trainability, whether for field, obedience,

           show, rescue, or service work









Labradors are characteristically happy, loving, gentle, and intensely loyal companions. Each has a distinct personality with an ability to share their joy and bring laughter. They ask for little--food, water, shelter--but mostly they want to be with their owners/partners.

Breeding pairs are carefully chosen to enhance and maintain the breed status. We make breeding selections carefully with consideration of traits to pass on to the next generation, maximizing positive traits and minimizing any weaknesses. Breeding line genetics, observation, and lots of interaction with our dogs help in achieving these goals.


Our labradors have brought us many hours of enjoyment, laughter, and companionship.  The dogs are always there for us.  We try to reciprocate and be deserving of their loyalty and love.  We hope to provide you with this opportunity to have a "forever friend and companion" in your life.  We don't think you will be disappointed!

Kristine Powell

Canterwood Labradors



Mojo and Maggie Mae